Leading AI-Powered Imaging Application Development develops groundbreaking quantitative analysis software that enables more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases. Through fearless innovation and a relentless drive toward improvement, we continue to disrupt the field of neuroimaging, continually setting a higher standard for the industry as a whole.

Sophisticated. Accurate. Fully Automated.

Enhance diagnostics & elevate care and with advanced datasets, accelerated analyses, and more profound insights.

  • CONFIDENTLY ASSESS individual, regional, and global brain structure volumes
  • SAVE TIME by relying on accurate image analysis
  • IMPROVE PATIENT CARE by quickly identifying the areas of most interest/concern
  • REDUCE COSTS with fully automated MRI quantification

Our Mission

To improve patient outcomes by empowering physicians to make more accurate and timely diagnostic decisions, combining cutting edge medical imaging with machine learning and clinical information to develop tools that better predict and diagnose disease.

Quantifying for over 12 years


Number of patients processed


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Chosen by local imaging centers and world-leading institutions

“Our default workflow is to processes every applicable brain MRI through NeuroQuant. ”

– RadNet

The Standard in AI-Powered Volumetric Post Processing

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